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SCREW - AAJD Thread Class 3A
AAJF Thread Direction Right-hand
AASA Thread Length 0.107 inches minimum and 0.188 inches maximum
AASB Fastener Length 0.157 inches minimum and 0.188 inches maximum
AASK Head Style PAN
AASL Head Diameter 0.205 inches minimum and 0.219 inches maximum
AASU Head Height 0.070 inches minimum and 0.080 inches maximum
AAUM Locking Feature Patch threads or pellet threads or strip threads
ABQZ Internal Drive Style Cross recess type 1
AHYM Nominal Thread Diameter 0.112 inches
CMLP Thread Quantity per Inch 40
CQBC Minimum Tensile Strength 160000 pounds per square inch
CSYM Surface Finish 32.0 microinches bearing surface of head
CSYM Surface Finish 32.0 microinches threads
MATT Material Iron alloy 660 overall
MDCL Material Document and Classification Ams 5737 assn std single material response overall
SFTT Surface Treatment Passivate overall
STDC Surface Treatment Document and Classification QQ-P-35 fed spec single treatment response overall
THSD Thread Series Designator UNJC
ZZZK Specification/Standard Data 80205-NAS1190 professional/industrial association standard